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Demon Series

The Demon Series consists of six books and two side stories. All stories are gay werewolf romances, which are centered around the members of the Northern Rocky Ridge pack. It covers two generations. All stories excepted for Lost in Captivity are complete and are in the process of being re-worked.

Book 1

Aden Perri has problems.

The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits.

And proceeds to move on a little too quickly.
His friends disappear, leaving him to spend the summer alone.
His mother buys a dog.
Aden hates dogs. The scar on his leg confirms it.
And his new job titles are garbage collector and toilet scrubber.
At least he’ll be out in nature, excepted he hates the outdoors.

He's ready to barricade himself in his room, until school starts back up in the fall. His mother won’t allow it, and his father is ready to do some character building.

They drag him out and drive him to Beaver Lake. His father loads him with a bucket and a mop and sends him off to clean campground toilets. The local campers just laugh as the poor garbage boy wandered around picking up after them.

All but one. One very strange, shirtless, barefoot boy who Aden will never understand. But the boy makes it bearable, so he’ll let him stick around. It’s not like Titus is really going to give Aden a choice anyways.

Wattpad Link: Demon

Book 2

On his first moon, Aden shifts into a stunning white wolf with red marking, the sign of a perfect sub, the dream of any dominant male. To him, it’s a bit of a let down, but it makes his mate happy. It makes Titus very, very happy.

Titus takes his new mate home and though all Aden hears are compliments, he’s hesitant to embrace his new role. He wants to be more than just a sub, who's expected to submit without question.

His human side still clings to his old life. One where he could do as he wanted, without all the rules and dominants ordering him around.

But, the rules are there to protect him. A sub with beautiful white fur is bound to attract attention from males looking for that perfect mate. Because in the world, even the strongest werewolves’ mates are at risk of being stolen.

Wattpad Link: Hell's Angel

Side Story to Hell's Angel

River is an omega. Deemed worthless.

His parents abandoned him at 13. Too weak to contribute, and too dark of a coat to be seen as a sub, River has no purpose. Something that outside Northern Ridge means rogue status.

He tried to be of use to his merciful alpha that allows him to stay, but nothing works.

He spent his teenage years being beaten and left to scavenge for food. River fears he’ll never find a mate, and this will forever be the pattern of his life.

One new sub thinks differently.

Aden risk everything to help River, and with both their effort, River acquires a meeting for a potential mate. But with such beautiful sub and strong females in the running, River is going to have to impress, or return to Northern Ridge having failed again.

Book 3

Darius and Storm welcome their first child into the world and are surprised with twin boys. One black and red, the other a pure white. Darius rejects the omega pup at first, outrage that such a creature could come from his bloodline. But his heart is quickly softened, and soon the boy is his only concern. 

Daven and Raven are the future of Northern Ridge, and through them the pack will reach heights never thought possible by a single generation. 

Through the twins and others born in their age, a new pack will be created.  

One to be feared.

Wattpad Link: Raven

Book 4

Saigon returns to Northern Ridge a full grown werewolf. But, he arrives with mixed feelings. Ones that he prays will have disappeared while he was gone. The moment he sees him though, Saigon knows his childhood crush didn’t dull with time, it only grew. 

He’s willing to do anything to have him. 

Saigon tries to gain Archer’s attention, but the boy is too busy trying to impress the girls. 

The competition drives Saigon to lose control of his wolf, and he makes a horrible mistake. He turns tail and leaves for college before he could make their relationship worse. But when a certain defeated werewolf turned up on his doorstep, Saigon hopes one day he’ll be able to convince this dominant to be his sub.

Wattpad Link: Saigon

Side Story to Raven

Vincent dreams of a happy life with his mate.

He doesn’t get it.

The man he loves is discouraged about being passed over as leader. Vincent is where the dominant shows his frustration. Vinny hoped with the addition of their son it would curve his mate anger. 

It didn’t. 

Their fighting led to the alpha threatened to take away Vinny only sourced of happiness, his sweet little boy destined to be a strong dominant. 

The couple has their moment of happiness, but they cannot hide the pain. Vincent is forced to make a choice. Risk losing his son, or take on the world alone, as a rogue.

Book 5

Hidden Peak is dying, and no one cares. 

Ranger is the last hope of the battered werewolves that remain. He’s given up on the pack long ago, though. He’s suppress his instincts and is waiting for the day the pack will finally be free. A freedom, from the self appointed alpha, which can only be found in death. 

One little white werewolf, an omega, changes Hidden Peak downward turn. In a pressured moment, Ranger marks the boy as his mate. His wolf is awaken and Hidden Peak as a chance to leave on. But it is a small chance. 

Ranger could be an alpha. He could be a leader. He was born with the capabilities. 

 If only he knew how to hunt.

Wattpad Link: Hidden Peak

Book 6

Three years, and Ranger has nothing. Not even a trail to follow. He’s wandering blind in rogue territory in search of two wolves lost among the hundred of others that have gone missing. 

Midfield doesn't even know anything about the underground organization that has been attacking pack and stealing members. They’re too busy hunting down the traitors in their own ranks to help Ranger find the small remains of Hidden Peak.

Time is running down, though. 

West’s bloodline is very appealing to the higher up in the organization, and Shiloh is even more appealing to any dominant looking for a male mate. The sub can only hide for so long, and West can’t fight them off forever. 

Ranger better hurry, because he doesn’t have another year to look before he loses them both.

Wattpad Link: Lost in Captivity


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