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Beloved & This is Glek

Beloved is a gay sci-fi romance. It deals with slavery and pet trade between primitive and more advanced worlds. This is Glek is the squeal and hasn't been started.

Raja’s people are cursed.

They struggle to fight off the demons that emerge from the Devil’s Lair and drag villagers to hell. His people’s hope resides in their warriors. 

That is Raja’s one dream, to be numbered among them. To be a warrior. 

Zev won’t allow it. Raja beloved and lover, want to keep him safe in the village and away from danger. Raja put aside this dream and does as his lover ask. But even in the village, no one is safe from the demons. 

Raja his captured and taken to what he believes are the depth of hell. The demon transports him instead to a land rather cold and dark. Nothing like the fire and scorching heat he imagined. 

The demon of a new breed come for him, and a man with red eyes claims Raja as his own. Raga quickly discovered some places are worse than hell.

Wattpad Link: Beloved

Helix is at war, and they're loosing.

Tobias is called to the front lines to lead his men. The headquarter where he's station is hit hard with an invasion to follow. The general is nowhere to be found.

Raja is at a lost. His heart is shattered, all he can do is wait while other decided what will happen to the general's pet.

Unknown to him, Tobias had already prepared for this moment and has arranged for Raja to be returned to sector 37. But the general didn't realize Helix is no longer sync with the planet. The time frame are now different, and Raja is being sent back to a very different world.

This is not his home land.

This is Glek.

Wattpad Link: Coming soon


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About Me

I am a writer on Wattpad with about 30 titles (including some re-write) posted on that platform. I've recently also started posting on the mobile app Radish Fiction as one of their authors. 

I started writing on my parents' old computer when I was 12-ish. I had to hide my 20-page word document that I spent months writing under some obscure name so no one would find it. It's been over ten years since then and I have my own computer now, but that doesn't stop me from not letting anyone near my word files. I can't risk something happening to them. 

In my writing, I focus mostly on LGBT genre. I like to mix that with a fantasy and paranormal element. I have a few that are general fiction, no werewolves or fiery gods in those. 

Writing has become more than a hobby for me. For probably every author and reader, writing is creating worlds and letting people forget about their own for awhile. It's a nice escape. 

My stories can be found here under the username Varzanic


My take on the Werewolf Genre

Werewolf Genre Warning: Personal Opinion
I've written and read a few werewolves books over the years (8-ish to be somewhat exact) and this is how I see it. In other words, this post will be littered with personal opinions and bias.
So here’s the things I looked for when I’m searching the sea of Werewolf Stories:
1- It has to be gay: Personal preference, so yeah… just skip this one.
2- The Title: If the title is crap, I won’t read it. What makes a title crap? Something along the lines of "The Big, Huge, Handsome, #1 Jock, is a Werewolf and I’m His Mate, but I Hate Him." You just gave away the whole plot in the title. There is no mystery to this. This is just a poor description not a title.
3-Ranking: This is my view on Werewolf ranks. If a character is the alpha, they earned it. The only person that could remotely be able to take them on in a fight would be the beta. No one else, or they wouldn’t be called the alpha. 
That being said: I don’t believe in Omega Revolutions. Un…

Let Me Summarize it for Ya...

Don’t be Lazy with Your Summaries

This is SO personal opinion, but heaven almighty, there is nothing more off putting than a lazy book summary on Wattpad.

Things I Hate, I mean Dislike Strongly:
1- Dialogue Summaries. Yeah they might have chosen the greatest, most dramatic scene, and it’s just oh so exciting, but to me it’s lazy. They didn’t want to write one, so they took something from the book and slapped it in there.

2- Cliche This goes along with number one. Like I said, they chose the “big scene” and everyone chooses the “big scene.” There’s nothing unique about that anymore.

3- Overuse of Questions Example: What will happen? Will they get together? How can they overcome this? When will they be free to travel the world together? Why should I even care? ---So the last one, was just my response to those questions... But, a good placed question can work wonder.
So considering this: could this go on the back of a real book? That’s what the summary sections is the introduction to your book…