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Love at First Sight

A couple months ago, I was asked if I wanted to do a short story for moral fortitude lastest project. I usually do full novel with 60,000 + words so it was a nice challenge to stay under the 2,000 word limit.

It was my first time doing a short story, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It was a good change of pace from my normal stories with complex plots, descriptions and other stuff like that. I didn't even give the characters names in the short story, as it didn't seem to be a need detailed with it being so short.

The project has 12 different story from other authors on Wattpad. All the stories are based on the same premise of Love at First Sight.

Mine is called: "I want to live a clique." The title is pretty much what came to mind when I thought of love at first sight, so I decided to go with it and have a little fun. Hope you like it.

Here's the link to the free download: Moral Fortitude

And here's an excerpt from my short story:

"I want to Live a Cliqu…

Title Problems

Title Problems Titles can be the hardest part of writing a story for me. They can be as frustrate as none other to get right. I personally really like short, usually one or two-word, title. Now just one word to describe an entire book, that is hard to do.

One title that I've really never cared much for is my story Beloved. It fits it, but at the same time it so overly mushy. Other people on Wattpad have used the word or some form, so I'm starting to see it as okay. It's just painful sometimes because as I've mentioned before I'm not a romantic person, and Beloved it borderline too much for me. But what can you do?

 It could be worse. I've read plenty of titles while browsing through Wattpad that are so cheesy. Or read along the lines of "My werewolf alpha boyfriend think I'm his mate, but I hate him, or do I love him?" That is not a title... That a description and a poor one at that. Even if that book has a great plot, I'd never read it, and …

About Me

I am a writer on Wattpad with about 30 titles (including some re-write) posted on that platform. I've recently also started posting on the mobile app Radish Fiction as one of their authors. 

I started writing on my parents' old computer when I was 12-ish. I had to hide my 20-page word document that I spent months writing under some obscure name so no one would find it. It's been over ten years since then and I have my own computer now, but that doesn't stop me from not letting anyone near my word files. I can't risk something happening to them. 

In my writing, I focus mostly on LGBT genre. I like to mix that with a fantasy and paranormal element. I have a few that are general fiction, no werewolves or fiery gods in those. 

Writing has become more than a hobby for me. For probably every author and reader, writing is creating worlds and letting people forget about their own for awhile. It's a nice escape. 

My stories can be found here under the username Varzanic