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My take on the Werewolf Genre

Werewolf Genre

Warning: Personal Opinion

I've written and read a few werewolves books over the years (8-ish to be somewhat exact) and this is how I see it. In other words, this post will be littered with personal opinions and bias.

So here’s the things I looked for when I’m searching the sea of Werewolf Stories:
1- It has to be gay: Personal preference, so yeah… just skip this one.

2- The Title: If the title is crap, I won’t read it.
What makes a title crap? Something along the lines of "The Big, Huge, Handsome, #1 Jock, is a Werewolf and I’m His Mate, but I Hate Him." You just gave away the whole plot in the title. There is no mystery to this. This is just a poor description not a title.

3-Ranking: This is my view on Werewolf ranks.
If a character is the alpha, they earned it. The only person that could remotely be able to take them on in a fight would be the beta. No one else, or they wouldn’t be called the alpha. 

That being said:
  • I don’t believe in Omega Revolutions. Unless they’re a demoted alpha that was adopted by a rival pack, they’re an omega for a reason. They’re weak. They remain weak, or don’t call them an omega.
  • I don’t even go for Middle, Lower, Inbetween, Higher, but not quite Alpha, Revolutions. Again they earn that rank, based on their strength. They can’t magically get stronger in a single chapter.
  • And lastly, Rogue Revolutions where a single wolf comes in, kills the alpha, and everyone’s okay with it. To me, a pack is a family, if a rogue were to attack my alpha we wouldn't be sitting around with a bowl of popcorn watching the fight.
4- Sub vs. Dom
If you’re doing Sub vs Dom relationship, no way in hell is the sub ever going to overpower the dominant. Can they rebel and be a little ass at times, well yeah, but at the end of the day, if there’s a fight, that sub is getting their ass kicked hands down, no debate.
This might be different in the human world, but for me, in werewolf-land, everything runs on instincts, so if you’re a submissive in the bedroom, you’re not alpha material.

5- Rank Respect
Yes characters can get a little pissy and mouth off, but a lower rank constantly mouthing off to the ALPHA! That’s insane! No way, no way in hell, the only exception might be their mate, is an alpha going to tolerate a lower rank disrespecting them. 
Even if the character is just a little ass who doesn’t care, that’s perfectly fine, but I want to see some consequences. I want strict punishments. I don’t know how everyone else grew up, but if I mouth offed to any adult, I was in trouble. I learned to keep my mouth shut at a young age. Now switch that with an alpha, I’d forever keep my opinions to myself.
Hell, I’d be mute.

Anyways, if I find a little gem that has all these traits, I’m all over it. I can overlook bad grammar or even a clique or two, hell my stories have a few cliques in them, because for me, it's real life reasoning in a fantasy setting.

So if you can make he believe that your story could actually be real, you’ve won me as a reader. Because let’s face it, life sucks at times, and you can’t win them all, but at least in a fantasy you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

Unless you’ve read 700, then forget about that end part. Sometimes life just sucks… ;)

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